April 14-15th 2023 Forest Healing

April 14-15th 2023
Forest Healing

Trina McCormick OP Anita Braganza IBVM

‘Forest Bathing’, ‘shinrin-yoku’, a Japanese term for a form of forest therapy treating the many ailments that arise from stressful urban life and busy calendars. Sitting under Springbank’s 800 year old Live Oak or spending time in Springbank’s woods of Pine, Magnolia and Cedar, you will be guided to slow down, breathe, connect with the natural world around you. Find in the company of trees, peace and companionship.
"Forest bathing invites you to be fully intentional, not to walk through the woods in order to get somewhere, but with the sole purpose of being fully present to yourself and to the lives around you.” Robin Wall Kimmerer

Starts Friday at 5.30 pm with the evening meal followed by a 7pm introductory session.
Saturday – full day
Sunday – ends with lunch at 12.30pm.
Cost : $430 Registration: $60 (non-refundable) Balance$ 370
Includes program, accommodations and meals

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Includes program and lunch, Residential for both programs, Zoom, Full Payment, Deposit, Balance