March 14 – 15th 2023 ​Every Body’s Prayer: Expressing Faith Through Movement

March 14 – 15th 2023
Every Body’s Prayer: Expressing Faith Through Movement

Doreen Cloutier, CSC

If you have ever lifted your arms in wonder, tapped your feet to some inner song playing in your mind, held someone rocking with grief, then you understand how our bodies express what our soul knows to be true. Through a gentle, contemplative experience we will explore together the beauty of uniting heart, mind and body to express through movement what our souls are longing to share! Throughout our time together we will be stretching into our body’s marvelous ability for prayer in motion. All body types and/or physical limitations welcome.

Tuesday & Wednesday : 11 am – 1pm, 2.30 – 4.30 pm
Cost: $350 Registration$60 (non-refundable) Balance $290
Includes program, accommodations and meals

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